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Teaching Style

Patricia teaches Hatha Yoga.  It is the traditional teaching of yoga postures, which work on the whole body so that you can develop poise, self confidence, strength, flexibility and an open peaceful mind,  so that you can feel more alive, relaxed and ultimately happier.  She also teaches the alignment of the Iyengar yoga method and the flowing sequence of Ashtanga/Vinyasa.  She incorporates her 25 years of teaching and practitioner experience from her own practice and study, to present yoga classes that you can enjoy and grow from.  

A typical class consists of:

All Yoga Waterford classes – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced – take into account each person’s ability.  There is no competition within the class and each person is encouraged to have an attitude of non-competitiveness and an open peaceful mind.  Each day we come to our yoga practice you are encouraged to look within and assess where you are at – are you present or distracted, energetic or exhausted, are you looking to the past or the future?  To practice yoga with awareness, comfort, joy and delight we focus on what is going on right now – in the present. 

We have a relaxed encouraging atmosphere so that you can develop your yoga practice at your own pace.  We pay careful attention to alignment and safety with each person taking responsibility for their own practice.  You will be guided as to best practice and if you have any questions or difficulties all you need do is ask for help or clarification.  Yoga is an unfolding journey.  Each day as you practice it will unfold and peel away the many layers of physical, mental or emotional resistance we place on ourselves as we live our lives.  It is a gentle, fun and supportive unfolding.  All we need to be is open to the journey of yoga.  Just as you would make a holiday journey or an adventure journey – it will have its surprises, its obstacles, its delights and joy.  Most of all it will give you new insights and awareness of your good self.

The Yoga Centre Waterford offers various sessions of classes throughout the year.  The classes usually fit in with the academic year.  So we have autumn, winter, spring and Easter courses. 

Courses can be of 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks  duration.    Courses offered include Hatha Yoga, Energetic Yoga – Vinyasa style, Gentle Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Mindfulness, Pregnancy Yoga.

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